“The function of good software is
to make the complex appear to be simple.”

- Grady Booch -

Desktop Software Development

The Internet is littered with thousands of out-of-the-box software. However, you have to ask yourself the question: will an out-of-the-box software work for your business? Our years of experience in software design and development makes our customized software applications extremely cost effective, while providing significantly improved information management process specific to your business. Basically, the end product is highly optimized, functional software built to be business specific.

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Web Development

We think that web development is more than a collection of beautiful looking web pages.
In our philosophy we define web development as Technology + Programming + Creative design + Quality content.

We will enhance your on-line presence and raise your visibility in your area of expertise. Our clients are totally involved in the website development process to ensure that our expertise is combined with the business vision to create a functional website.

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Software development for RFID devices

We have experience developing software for various types of RFID readers.
Types of software implementations include inventory, tracking/production following and security.

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Support & Maintenance

Our clients know that expert support is one of the most critical factors for a successful deployment of localization technology. We are dedicated to helping you increase productivity and satisfaction, enabling you to maximize the benefits you achieve with our solutions.

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